Sunday, July 9, 2017

7/23/17 Through 7/29/17

7/23/17 Through 7/29/17

Among the wheat the weeds are sown
Together both through time have grown
But at the harvest ends will be
Much different as they both will see

We choose to be a weed or wheat
A fuel for fire or food to eat
So when the harvest day is near
We bask in love or crouch in fear

The evil one demands a sign
When all His works around us shine
No proof could ever be enough
To quell the wicked one's rebuff

A heart like Pharoah's, cold and hard
That gives the righteous no regard
Will turn his ear the other way
No matter what we do or say

Please soften Lord, these stony hearts
And let them see what love imparts
Or lest they make iniquity 
Their lot for all eternity

A simple jar that's made of clay
Contains the treasure of the Way
the Way that satisfies the soul
The Way that heals and makes us whole

The love of Christ, surpassing power
Filling us at every hour
Afflicted much, but not constrained
Perplexed, but not our spirit drained

A daily death we can't avoid
We're often struck, but not destroyed
Because it's Jesus Christ we knew
We freely die for life in you

If we believe, then we must speak
To strengthen and make firm the weak
That more and more His grace bestow
And glad thanksgiving overflow

The beauty of your providence
Defies my small intelligence
When raining down from heaven bread
Your grumpy people all are fed

More and more I wish to see
And closer bring myself to Thee
I wish to honor you each day
And spread Your love in some small way

Let me never close my eyes
Or then, in fear, my faith disguise
But let me be a shining lamp
That leads the souls to find Your camp

Let me not a hinderance be
But like a fountain flowing free
Then watering a thirsty land
To bring forth fruit the way You planned

A fortune stolen blind from me
Throughout the years that I don't see
The Word around me everyday
But has it made me change my way?

The seed upon a hardened walk
The devil steals with idle talk
No chance to have it root in me
For if the robber I don't see

So recognize this awful threat
And then, more diligent you'll get
And give the seed a fertile ground
So far more fruit can then be found

Martha dear, you spoke so clear
The day that Jesus came
Your brother died and so you cried
Your heart, with love, aflame

Your faith affirmed, and He confirmed
He was God's only Son
He gazed at skies, then called to rise
The dead and rotting one.

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