Sunday, July 23, 2017

8/6/17 Through 8/12/17

8/6/17 Through 8/12/17

Son of justice light our way
Shine Your brightness on this day
Show our path in clearest light
In Your presence banish night

Let us be transformed today
Bathed in light along the way
Changed forever by the Son
Brought to life as holy ones

How generous and loving Lord
For You to feed this hungry hoard
You give far more than bread and meat
You give Your flesh and blood to eat

May not this precious gift elude
The ones who share this sacred food
But may we see in bread and wine
That what You give is love divine

Don't speak against the holy one
Whose life is given for the Son
For leprosy, or something worse
Could then result from such a curse

His faithful ones must always be
Respected in community
For they have given all they own
To seek their God and God alone

The woman of great faith received
What she had asked, for she believed
If we but ask for daily bread
With food of angels we'll be fed

Ignore the giants all around
And in your trust let strength be found
The One we call upon to fight
For us is maker of the might

Oh Lord, of sowing sparing seed
May I repent, and change indeed
With cheerful heart may I supply
My best and let You multiply

Let me lose my life for You
And do as faithful servants do
That with the other faithful kind
We may, the Father's honor find

What God has loved His people so
And given signs that they should know
The path of life to conquer sin
The path to our salvation win?

He bade us now to bear our cross
To count all earthly gain as loss
And in our poverty begin
To shine His light from deep within

The tiny little mustard seed
Is more by far than most believe
If we would only trust that much
We too, would share the Savior's touch

I saw that tiny seed one day
The slightest breeze would whisk away
A hundred on my fingernail
And yet no hill was growing pale

I beg You Lord that by Your grace
I still may stand and see Your face
So small, my faith and trust may be
But still I long to live with Thee

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