Sunday, July 2, 2017

7/16/17 Through 7/21/17

7/16/17 Through 7/21/17

I wish that I could always be
A fertile groung for seed in me
A ground that welcomes all You give
And bears great fruit by how I live

So often hard and not received
I let it go for birds to feed
Or once received in joy I find
It hard to keep, then nevermind

Most often I receive it well
But fail to much upon it dwell
And on my daily cares I wait
Then slowly, Your seed suffocate

But on occassion I have found
My heart to be a fertile ground
And as the story You once told
The fruit is borne a hundredfold

The way of evil kills the young
Persuades its prey with lying tongue
Enslaves the ones who think they're free
To care for no one else but me

The evil one he stands amused
When foolish men get so confused
And blinded by their selfish ways
Our Lord and God they fail to praise

Woe to you Americans
Who count your wealth and fix your plans
Your land I blessed as none before
And yet My laws you still ignore

Where comes the blessing on your land
But from the palm of My right hand?
This generation's selfishness
Quite surely, soon, we must address

Am I to look the other way
When you don't keep My Sabbath day
Or when you worship foolish things
Like fancy cars or diamond rings?

You think it doesn't matter much
That many women man should touch
And then discard a life anew
To quell a hinderance for you

The aged too you throw away
When they have passed their better day
No time to waste and sit around
When other pleasures must be found

No one can trust your evil tongue
Your lies corrupt My precious young
No one this mighty hand to stay
If you continue on your way

Repent before you pass the brink
Or then your nation surely sink
And what a fall the mighty find
When wickedness like this is mined

The childlike have come to know
The ways of God that wise forego
He comes to greet the innocent
And they obey where they are sent

The wise know better, so they say
And walk their own invented way
But on that path they seldom find
Their will, and that of God, aligned.

Forever He remembers us
His mercy kind and generous
He leads His people through the sea
So they might worship strong and free

His yoke of freedom from all sin
Since time began the way has been
To peace and joy for every man
According to His holy plan

Reject it not, and you will find
The place where purest gold is mined
His slave I always wish to be
A slave that's joyful, glad, and free.

The sabbath made for mortal man
According to His holy plan
Not as a chain to anchor down
But as a day, the week to crown

A day for man to honor God
And all His wonderous works applaud
Not here for following some rules
Becoming just religious fools

A day to rest, and re-create
A day for things to celebrate
A day for man to ponder things
And see the good the Savior brings.

How blest was Mary Magdalene
To see the place where Christ had been
To tell Apostles, "He's alive!"
And down-trod spirits then revive

The joy I cannot comprehend
Of seeing death was not the end
But crowning gift of love to man
According to the Father's plan

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