Friday, June 30, 2017

7/9/17 Through 7/15/17

7/9/17 Through 7/15/17

When fitted to the shoulder well 
The animal will not rebel
The ancient farmer always found
The easy yoke would plow more ground

The yoke of love will free the soul
And then the weary heart console
When plowed with love the ground will yield
A bountiful and fruitful field

Far more is there than what you see
It's not just talk for folks like me
For this is what the Savior said,
He's truly present in the bread!

Nothing like a pillow,
But stone beneath his head
Jacob, son of Isaac
Retired to his bed

The stairs he saw before him
That rose unto the sky
And angels that adore Him
Both ways were passing by

He knew for sure the gate was here
And God was close at hand
He trusted that his wife was near
And God would do as planned

By wrestling to get our way
We fail to hear what He would say
He calls us to the harvest field
If we, to Him, would simply yield

Go out and preach to My lost sheep
Cure every ill disease
Commandments teach that they shall keep
And God above would please.

Seeing Joseph where he stood
They saw their evil turned to good
The one they sold as just a slave
They turned to now, to feed and save.

Amidst the wolves You send Your sheep
And give them strength the faith to keep
To love, in chains, they witness bear
Yet never, in their Lord, despair

For He has conquered death and sin
And given them new life within
No fear of what to do or say
The Spirit guides their every way

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