Sunday, June 4, 2017

6/18/17 Through 6/24/17

6/18/17 Through 6/24/17

There's far more here than meets the eye
What faithless heretics deny
A presence far beyond the mind
A presence of the sacred kind
The love of Jesus Christ outpoured

All believers come receive it 
Only faithful minds perceive it
Bread and wine the form it takes
On the altar there he breaks
The body of our precious Lord

Christ to chosen ones instructed
How this meal should be conducted
Through one cup and loaf of berad
All the faithful must be fed
Partaking of this holy meal

For He told the loud protesters
That unlike their great ancestors
Who ate and died on just a sign
His body is true bread divine
Now come receive his love and heal

They're treated as deceivers
Yet truthful to the core
The Spirit's blessed receivers
Who leave us wanting more

I'm called to love my enemies?!
I hold contempt for such as these
You want me to give up what's mine?!
I've worked quite hard for things this fine.

You say that I should offer prayer
For those, who at me, curse and swear?!
You want me now to love the man 
Who wrongs me every time he can?!

Your way, it sounds but so naive
A fool would only thus believe
But if all men would take this view
We'd find ourselves more close to You

The whisper of pride
A beguiling call
That leads us along
To calamitous fall

Old Stinky he knows
How we love to be stroked
And he loves to do
So his flames will be stoked

Kindness now given
In secretive way
Will merit no kudos
The haughty ones say

But Father above 
With His eyes down below
Will see what in secret 
No other ones know

And great will there be
On that final day
Reward for the ones
Who gave in that way.

For you my love must never wane
My fervor not grow cold
My bride must see as clear and plain
My love will not grow old

Afresh and new with every day
Secure as one can be
To you my grateful homage pay
And humble thanks to Thee

The Sacred Heart, most holy place
Though broken, pierced, yet full of grace
Within we find the sources of 
The overflowing font of love

The wise and learned puff their chest
But in the end they find no rest
But little ones can find the way
For they but listen and obey.

What signs surround this child's birth
No greater one than him on earth
Born to set the people free
Born for us, a light to be

Yet he but merely clears the way
For One who brings the light of day
Prepare your hearts, repent and see
The dawning of our victory

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