Sunday, June 11, 2017

6/25/17 Through 7/1/17

6/25/17 Through 7/1/17

My weakness Lord I daily see
In how I fail to follow Thee
My view so narrow and confined
I see what's only self-inclined

Then in the emptiness I find
That willfully have I been blind
By choosing pleasure over joy
And failing to, Your grace employ

Remind me Lord throughout this day
To stop and think and humbly pray
For grace to see the wider view
And closer make my walk with You

A promise, but as yet no land
Things not the way old Abram planned
But trust, his virtue without end
And he would on the Lord depend

One gate is narrow one is wide
Each leading to a different side
One filled with lust and selfish greed
One set on helping those in need

You'd think we'd choose the narrow way
That leads us to a brighter day
But all we see is effort now
And choose the way that's easy now

A promise made, a promise kept
The word of God we must accept
Beyond all counting blessings found
For those within whom faith abounds

Peter and Paul, two great ones indeed
The faithful do well if they follow their lead
Passing along the Word highly priced
Proclaiming quite clear that our Lord is the Christ

If You wish You can make me clean
Much greater works from You I've seen
Quite true, I wish your cleanliness
Receive My touch and don't regress

Be clear your eyes that you may see
The rotting flesh of leprosy
You all have sinned and done so much
But now receive My cleansing touch

Oh Lord, I am not worthy
That Thou should come to me
Your word most surely would be
A grace enough for me

Authority I understand
Yours greater far than mine
Don't trouble with a trip unplanned
Your word will do just fine

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