Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Many times I've said to you
I have one gift to give.
A gift of faith to be your guide,
And teach you how to live.

Again this year I come to you
And bid you look around.
Beyond the glitter and the lights
Far from the party sounds.

Be sure to come before The Lord
And make some quiet time.
To sit with Him a little while
Enjoying love sublime.

For in this time of merriment
We tend to all lose sight
Of how He came to rescue us
That blessed Christmas night.

He came in pure humility
A babe in stable born.
Not in an air of majesty
But laid with wheat and corn.

How apt his bed a feeding trough
The bread of life on earth
That silent night the star shone bright
For God had come to earth.

He wishes now to come to you
Forgiving any sin
If you just make a place inside
And bid him please come in.

My gift to you is faith in Him
The maker of us all.
My prayer is that you pass it on
And none of mine would fall.

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