Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 March for Life

2014 March for Life

Here amid these monuments
Of bronze and polished stone,
The land where freedom lovers fought
And Liberty's light shone.

When tyranny and evil sought
To trample on the weak,
Courageous holy men of God
We're not afraid to speak.

They raised their voices loud because
They heard a higher call.
The Truth that cries emphatically
There's dignity for all!

Today we call this land of ours
The home of free and brave,
And yet our generation fails
The weakest ones to save

Five men upon the highest court
Have cursed our holy land,
Unleashing here the evil of
Abortion on demand.

This nation's strength was founded not
On doing as we please.
But following the will of God
And helping those in need.

If this land shall long endure
And freedom truly live,
Then hearts of selfishness must change,
And we must learn to give.

Our women must be honored
And treasured as a prize,
Not simply seen as fodder for
The men with lustful eyes.

No longer men with weakened knees
Or those without a spine.
But men of mission willing to
With courage toe the line.

A mom and dad for every child
No longer families torn,
A sacrificial learning place
Where Christ is daily born.

When love is rightly understood
And men have seen the light
For sure this land will long endure
When all are granted life.

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