Friday, December 23, 2011

Let the Potter Mold the Clay

How many are my sinful ways,
So often times throughout the day
With evil thoughts and words I face
Another careless fall from Grace.

I say I want to break this chain,
But every time I sin again.
Unwilling now to suffer pain,
Instead I risk eternal gain

How foolish for this sinful man
To think he can avoid God’s plan
When pleasure fades and shame sets in,
Why did again I turn from Him?

Just give that beast a little line,
And see how quickly he entwines
With chains of greed and gluttony
He tries to hold his sway on me.

That vicious creature full of lies
With talons clamped on me he tries
To turn my heart from loving Him,
To following my every whim.

Oh Full of Grace, what would you say
To help me on this rocky way,
When often times I turn away
And let the Devil have his way?

My little one, It’s not your strength
That keeps you strong to any length.
Just trust in Him, the Crucified
Will wash you clean, and be your guide.

Confess with regularity
Your sinfulness and frailty.
For in this pure humility
Your soul will find tranquility.

My Son knows well the needs of men,
And showers down His graces when
You turn to Him throughout the day,
And let the Potter mold the clay.

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