Friday, March 29, 2013

Christmas 2012


This year of faith my children see
The gift God has for you and me.
For only Faith can guarantee
The blessings that we cannot see.

For Faith can prove with certainty
Existence of reality
Unnoticed by the haughty eyed,
Those blinded by the sin of Pride.

While here upon the earth I live,
If I had but one gift to give,
Id offer to my family,
The gift of Faith God gave to me.

No gold or treasure ever known
Could ere surpass the gift I own.
Of knowing down within my heart,
The joy that only faith imparts.

Although our trials never cease,
Its faith in God that offers peace.
Success or failure matter not
When solid Faith is what youve got.

But you must not be lulled asleep
By pleasure, wealth, and passions deep.
That draw attention from the One
Who sent to us His only Son.

This blessed time of silent night
Is sent to us Gods love aright.
Imagine such humility,
For God to don humanity!

The Holy Child this year I pray
Would grow our Faith each passing day,
And make of us a family
Of Faith to last eternally.

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