Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dear Hennessey Family,
Recently I had the opportunity to endure a little pain and to offer my sufferings in union with those of Christ on the cross. With your mother gently reminding me not to let the suffering go to waste, I did the best I could to make use of my suffering without being burdensome to others. I’m truly grateful for all the prayers I received and especially for the loving care from Mary during that time. I had many opportunities during my recovery to reflect on my blessings. I also had occasion to repent of the many times I have ignored the sufferings of others, or been so caught up in my own interests that I was blind to the needs of those around me. I think I gained a new appreciation for the kind of love that Jesus calls us to have in our everyday life.
When we say love, we think of warm, soft, and secure, but the love of Jesus freely chose birth in a stable, a life among the poor, and eventually death on a cross. I invite you all this Christmas season to take the time to reflect on His brand of love, and how to bring it about in your lives.
Have a blessed Christmas, and a holy 2011.

Love Makes the World Go ‘Round

Love makes the world go ‘round, they say
And oh, how true it is.
For Love is what created all,
That ever was or is.

True love, the kind our Father showed
When sending us His Son,
Born in a humble stable from,
The holy virgin one.

No pomp or circumstance surround
The birth of this great King.
But shepherds round a feeding trough,
To witness such a thing.

Snuggled down in swaddling clothes,
The donkey’s warming breath,
Few comforts for this little one,
Our Savior, born for death.

Great love He showed throughout His life.
The elders, stupefied.
And so, the Wonder, Counselor,
They had Him crucified.

We know not Love when often we,
Intent on selfish gain,
Reject true love and turn from Him,
To just avoid some pain.

Love makes the world go ‘round they say
And oh, how true it is.
But not the proud and worthless kind,
The humble brand of His.

So stop tonight before you rest,
Before the manger where,
The shepherds and the angels gazed,
Upon the infant fair.

And ponder if your love does make
For others all around,
The world spin a little quick,
Or does it slow it down?

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